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Essential Oils

Choosing wellness intentionally means making wise choices about products you use in your home. Cleaning and personal care products expose us to harsh chemicals. Whenever possible, choosing natural, essential-oil infused products is better for our health. Essential oils also provide DIY options. When you make something, you know what’s in it.

It is almost impossible to know what is in many products available to us today. Words like natural don’t mean what we think they mean. The word fragrance can be a catch all for man-made chemicals that are harmful to our bodies. Some words are not part of our everyday vocabulary, so we can’t be sure what they mean without extensive research. And not all ingredients are listed.

That’s why it is important to buy essential oils from a trusted source. A source that is open about planting, harvesting, production, and more. A source that allows on-site visitation so you can see the process.

Join me on my wellness journey with essential oils. You can shop here. And please, reach out to me with any questions you may have.

Set Your Mind: Finding Wellness Through Intention. Book cover with woman sitting in grass holding red, yellow, blue, and green balloons.

Set Your Mind: Finding Wellness Through Intention

Are you pursuing a healthy lifestyle? Wellness isn’t only working out and eating the right foods. True personal wellness is a journey that requires examining every area of your life. It requires intention. Corinne shares her experiences and encouragement in her book.

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