Set Your Mind: Finding Wellness Through Intention. Book cover with woman sitting in grass holding red, yellow, blue, and green balloons.

Are you pursuing a healthy lifestyle? Wellness isn’t only working out and eating the right foods. True personal wellness is a journey that requires examining every area of your life. It requires intention.

Our world is bombarded with fad diets, quick fixes, and numbing distractions. It’s easy to hyper-focus on one aspect of health. You lose sight of wellness as a whole. The result? Exhaustion, depletion, and discouragement.

Corinne Kelli Widmayer encourages readers to identify what may be holding them back from achieving their wellness goals. Drawing from her own experiences, she focuses on one aspect of wellness in one area at a time. Work through spiritual, physical, nutritional, mental, emotional, environmental, relational, and/or financial wellness. Widmayer helps readers set goals and prayerfully grow in God-centered ways for every area of life.

Readers will learn to pursue wellness with intention. Scripture, reflection, goal-setting, and essential oils support are tools used to enhance and improve daily life. As readers acknowledge Christ’s role in their pursuit of health, they will experience progress. They will witness transformative growth spilling over into every area of their lives.

Are you ready to discover your path to wellness? Set your mind and start your journey.

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