Romans 8:37 –  In all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us. 

I haven’t played many video games. I am not good at them, and I have not invested the time needed to become an expert. However, I can certainly understand the attraction.  Video games allow “do overs.” And if the enemy defeats you the first nine times, you can still go back and conquer him on the tenth time.  Who wouldn’t be attracted by a world where you can fight evil forces and win the day? These virtual worlds allow us to become mighty conquerors and emerge as victors and heroes.

But the flip side of that attraction is that the next time you load the game, you have to fight the same enemy all over again. And sadly, I think too many times that is a picture of our own “virtual” reality as we live out life each day.  We keep fighting the same enemy. But it shouldn’t be so. 

We live in a virtual reality caused by sin.  Before sin entered the world, there were no battles to fight or wars to win. Life took place in a Garden. But when sin entered, reality was tainted. The enemy deceived Adam and Eve, and they made a choice that still affects each of us today. Mankind was thrown into a “virtual reality,” blocked on all sides from getting out.

Why do I call this life a virtual reality? Because God had a better plan in The Garden before sin entered the world. He created Adam and Eve, and by extension you, to have eternal fellowship with Him. And sin caused a different reality.  But it is not permanent. It is not the only reality. It is the one we see. It is a simulation of the reality God originally designed. 

Thankfully, God provided a way of escape through Jesus. Jesus paid the price for sin. Jesus defeated Satan once and for all. The enemy was conquered once and for all. And we have the power to defeat him through the power we have in Jesus. Though Satan has been some given authority in this world—THAT is virtual in the sense that it is only temporary. And his authority does not extend to believers. Believers live in the Kingdom of God. The Kingdom of God is present now. We are living the prologue to the real story that awaits us on Jesus’ return when His Kingdom is fully restored.  That is reality, and it is the reality we should walk in daily.

Are you living in a virtual reality? You can escape by the power of the blood of Jesus. Though Satan attempts to defeat us, the reality is he has already been defeated. And you don’t have to keep fighting the same battles. Through the power of Jesus, you can defeat the enemy.

Escape the virtual kingdom where the enemy is reloaded every time you begin again. Walk in the real Kingdom, where God has soundly defeated the enemy, and you can walk as a conqueror through Christ.