Chalice and a plate of bread

The Bread and The Cup

The disciples prepared for the Passover feast
According to Jesus’ direction.
Unaware that among them a traitor already
Was plotting a vile insurrection.
The table o’er flowed with symbolic reminders,
The cup and the unleavened bread,
Of the Jews safe delivery from bondage in Egypt
And the passing of the Angel of Death.

But now these same symbols serve to remind us
Of Jesus’ last supper on earth
And the shock those twelve men, as gathered ‘round table,
Received at Jesus’ next words.
“This night,” He began, one of you will betray Me.”
The disciples responded in turn.
“Is it I?” they all asked, distressed and now hurting.
“Surely, Lord, it cannot be.”
“The one,” Jesus said, as He dipped in His bread,
“Who is sharing the dish with me.”

He then took a loaf, giving thanks unto God
And asked it be blessed for their use.
He broke it and said, “Take and eat this My body
And passed it around to the group.
He selected the cup, and again giving thanks, said,
“All of you take it and drink.
For this is My blood being poured out for you.
A covenant new it will bring.
And the next time I drink it, I’ll drink it with you,
In the home of My Father, as King.

They sang a sweet hymn and went out of the house.
And Jesus made these predictions,
“This night while I pray, you will all fall away
And scatter, for it is written.”
“Never,” said Peter, but the Lord then declared,
“Even you, you’ll deny me, be hidden.”

Then Jesus said, “Come, My soul’s heavy grieved;
Stay here and watch while I pray.”
And then sought His father to ask that this cup, if it could,
Might be taken away.
Three times as He prayed for this cup to pass
The disciples continued in slumber,
Then Jesus said, “Rise, it’s time; I’m betrayed.”
The disciples scattered asunder.

With pretended devotion Judas approached,
Embracing His Master in greeting,
While Peter nearby took an ear with his sword
Attempting the soldiers’ defeating.
Just thirty pieces of silver exchanged
For a Life that would save us all.
God’s ultimate plan for the sins of man,
Redeeming us from the Fall.

The soldiers who seized Him led Him away
Before the high priest and assembly.
Before His accusers, Jesus stood silent,
Accused of uttering blasphemy.
They spat in His face, they struck Him with fists
While Peter outside denied
The Master; and then when the cock crowed three times,
Peter remembered and cried.

In the morning they bound Him and led Him to Pilate,
Who offered the people a choice.
“Who will you free?” Pilate asked the assembled,
“Barabas or Jesus, the Christ?”
The people responded, their voices cried loudly;
They shouted with all of their might.
“Barabas we want; let Barabas go free!”
So, condemned, Jesus went to the cross.

Though sinless, He suffered to pay for our sins
His wounds were for our transgressions
It seems so unfair but was part of God’s plan
Of salvation for those who confess Him.
But the cross and His death are not story’s end.
As foretold, He arose from the grave.
He appeared to The Twelve; He’s ALIVE; He is well
And now we are free; we are saved!

He conquered the grave,
He arose from the tomb,
He appeared to His people once more.
He showed them His Hands and the wounds in His side
Then ascended to God evermore.
He is there interceding for us even now.
His Spirit He sent as a Guide.
He promises never to leave or forsake us
As long as we walk by His side.

And the bread and the cup we still drink to remember
The price that was paid for our lives.
And someday, we all, round His table will gather
And share with Him fruit from the vine.

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