It’s All in the Glass!

Mom,  are you a little stressed these days? Are you barely getting through breakfast before you’re thinking to yourself, Is it wine o’clock yet? Well, grab your favorite long-stem wine glass, and fill it with a refreshing drink that will restore your energy—and perhaps your peace of mind. I’m convinced it’s all in the glass!

I’m not a fan of wine glasses with no stem—probably because my hands are small, and I can’t get a good grip. There’s something luxurious about holding a long stem wine glass. Hand lightly cupping the bowl or fingers casually wrapped around the stem, the feeling says take a break.  Spoil yourself by using your wine glass all day long. You don’t have to wait until cocktail hour.

Not only does drinking from your wine glass make you feel spoiled, but it is also healthier than drinking from plastic. I also have a metal stemmed tumbler that’s great when you don’t want to deal with dripping caused by condensation.

Here are a few beverages you can pour in your wine glass to make it through the day.


When it’s time for breakfast, what’s your favorite beverage?

Orange juice

I love a glass of orange juice, especially if I’m eating eggs. Plain,  over ice, or with a splash of sparkling water, it’s a perfect morning beverage—a glass full of sunshine.


If you like to drink your breakfast, you can’t go wrong with a smoothie. It’s up to you what you add. A bit of liquid—milk, water, or juice, a bit of protein—powder, yogurt, or cottage cheese, and some fruits or vegetables, and you’ve got a meal.  Pour it in your wine glass. Add a bit of citrus essential oil for extra flavor! Did you know citrus essential oils may help boost your mood?

Iced coffee

While I don’t suggest you give up your coffee mug for the hot stuff, you can add your iced coffee or latte to your wine glass. Then, top it off with a bit of whipped cream, and you have a mid-morning pick-me-up treat.


White or chocolate? If you are fond of a glass of cold milk with breakfast, or any meal, pour it into your wine glass. It will taste even better. Really!


Grab a glass, fill it with ice, and fill it with your favorite summer drink.


Lemonade is a great summer drink. When it’s time for lunch, pour it over ice and garnish your glass with fresh lemon or lime. You can also add Lavender Vitality if you need some extra calming.

Iced Tea

Iced tea is another refreshing summer drink. Though some people drink it all year long, I associate it with hot summer days. Fresh brewed iced tea looks amazing in a wine glass! Add a sprig of fresh mint and a garnish of lemon.  Aah, feel the stress release.

Sparkling water

When I decided to give up pop, I switched to sparkling water because I like the carbonation.  Now, it’s a go to drink for me in the afternoon. It’s a nice change from plain water. You can add fruit, fruit juice, or essential oils for extra flavor. Since you always want to use essential oils in a glass or metal container—not plastic–, your wine glass is a perfect choice!


Yes, plain, old water. It is important to drink water to flush out your system.  Pour it over ice, then add fruit and/or essential oils to perk up the flavor. Essential oils are strong, so start with just a toothpick dip and stir in your favorite citrus or mint essential oil.  Or, sweeten your water with these natural flavor drops.


It’s time to wind down. You’ve made it through the day. You can now use your wine glass for its intended beverage, or you can fill it with any of the above options.  Water is always a good choice day or even

White wine

It’s time for a glass with dinner. Did you know that you can add essential oil to your wine?  One of my favorites is grapefruit in Chardonnay. Other citrus oils would be good, too. What’s your favorite white wine? 

Red wine

Most members of my family prefer red wine. We have a lot of cabernet fans.  If you would like to try spicing up your cabernet with essential oils, I suggest cinnamon bark or black pepper. Be bold. Please just make sure you are always using essential oils that are GRAS – generally regarded as safe – for internal use.

So, remember, mom, don’t save those wine glasses for a special occasion or for the evening hours. Use them all day long. Fill them with your favorite refreshing drink. You’re going to make it through the day. Just take a break. It’s all in the glass.

What’s your favorite beverage when you want to take a break during the day? Let me know in the comments.