God's Art

God’s Artistry

In the beginning, the earth had no form
Only darkness and no daylight, no dusk, day, or morn
An empty waste—barren, stagnant, unformed
Til the power of God’s spoken Word created, transformed.

God said, “Let there be,” and then there was light.
Next He separated the day from the night.
There was evening and morning; time on earth began.
God saw His work was good and continued with His plan.

God said, “Let there be,” and a firmament appeared—
A huge expanse of water; God’s vision very clear.
He divided all the waters, some above and some below.
God called the azure Heaven on Day Two, and it was so.

“Let the waters be collected all in one place,”
God said, and then it happened; and in another space
God set apart the dry land separate from the seas.
And then God looked around and said, “I need to make some trees.”

Vegetation sprouted all on God’s command,
Plants yielding seeds and fruits spread across the land.
It was evening; it was morning. The Third Day was done,
And on the Fourth, God lit the sky with stars, moon, and sun.

One great light to rule the day, the lesser for the night.
In the heavens stars to twinkle, sparkling and bright.
Tokens set to guide the earth through seasons, days, and years,
Illuminating pathways and calming every fear.

And God observed His handiwork, pleased that it was good;
But He knew he hadn’t finished yet, and so from where He stood
He called forth living creatures throughout the sea to swarm
And every winged bird to soar above the clouds and storms.

Day Five was done; Day Six He made the creatures for the earth—
The livestock and the creeping things, to all did He give birth.
And finally, for His pleasure, God created the first man
To rule the earth and fellowship with Him was all God’s plan.

And for His further pleasure from man’s rib He took and made
The woman as a helpmate to support man all his days.
And God saw all that He had made and deemed it very good.
So on the Seventh Day He took His rest, as wise workers should.

So here we have the history of how the earth began,
Created by God’s spoken Word and with the Master’s Hand.
And though that perfect Garden is no longer ours to view,
God has a future plan for a heaven and earth that’s new!

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