Essential Oils

Learn about essential oils with these classes!

DIY Gifts for the Holidays – Some people make gift-giving an art form. I admire their talent. Nothing says love like a gift you make with your own hands. It shows you invested time. And with a little planning, you can make some great gifts without busting your budget.

Back to School – This school year looks a lot different than in the past, but no matter how the school year looks for you and your family, we support you. These are hard decisions, and nothing is perfect. And no one decision fits every family. So having made your decision, move forward with confidence. If you’re confident, your kids will be, too!

Teacher Survival Essentials – Teaching is hard. And now that teachers are running both in person and online classes, survival mode is key. What can you do to help you survive? Essential oils provide some helps.

Getting Ready for Winter – With winter just around the corner, it’s time to get ready! Here is the list of items I always make sure to have on hand during the cold months.

The Power of Thieves – As summer winds down and we move indoors, make your environment as safe as you can manage. Keep your family healthy by limiting exposure to illness, decreasing exposure to toxins in personal care and skin products, eating close to the farm, and, of course, using cleaning products that are safe, plant-based, and most of all effective. We use THIEVES.

Masking the Situation – Let’s face it, wearing a mask is uncomfortable. We’ve got tips to help before, during, and after the mask to keep your skin, and hopefully your tolerance, on track.

Difficulties & Emotions – This season that we are going through has brought out all the emotions. Even those who have not dealt with anxiety and uncertainty in the past may be feeling new emotions now. But we don’t have to let the emotions take control.