Evening comes; sheep safely in the fold.
Shepherds settle, as in the days of old.
Heat of day turns to pleasant cool.
Dark of night displays a radiant pool.
Stars that shine, and twinkle bright on high—
God’s handiwork, amid expanse of sky.

When suddenly, a brightness lights the night.
The shepherds quake and tremble, full of fright.
What is this light, where night appears as day?
Silently, they watch with great dismay.
And then, an Angel speaks to calm their fears.
“I have good news; my message, oh so dear.

Today, today, a Savior has been born.
He is Messiah, the One to be adored.”
“You’ll find this child upon a manger bed,
Wrapped in cloth, where animals are fed.
In the town of David, will He be.”
(The one destined to die upon a tree.)

For all mankind, the joyous message rings.
Spread the news. He’s born the King of Kings.
A heavenly host, with praises fill the air.
“All Glory to the One Who is Most Fair.
Peace on earth, good will to men,” they sing.
Shepherds depart to see this glorious thing.

The shepherds left their flocks alone that night.
They went in haste to behold the wondrous sight,
Announced to them by the Angel from on high.
They found the Child; in the manger He did lie.
They shared the news announced to them with joy—
Proclaimed about the babe, sweet Mary’s boy.

And all who heard marveled at the News.
A Savior born, His Life on earth to lose
To pay for sins and sickness not His own
Because of love, these sins He does atone.
The shepherds return, glorifying God.
The babe they saw, filling them with awe.

The shepherds now are back to tending sheep,
Although it is impossible to sleep.
The news entrusted safely to their care—
This message—a message singly rare,
Messiah, Lord, the One Who is the Christ.
Born to pay a debt, a sacrifice.

A long-awaited promise now fulfilled.
Hopes and dreams renewed, restored, instilled.
Nothing outward changed in life just yet.
But inwardly, every promise now is met.
A King, the long-awaited one, has come.
God’s perfect plan for victory just begun.

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