Original Christian Poetry

Original Christian poetry to inspire and encourage your spiritual wellness, devotion, and health in your journey with Jesus.

Steps with Jesus

Every Step

Every step I take Jesus walks beside me. Every step I take He has planned for me. Every step I take Brings me one day closer. Every step I take A lap of victory. Every step I take Living in the moment. Every step I take Eyes on Calvary. Every step I take Living in His purpose. Every step I …

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No Shadows

No Shadows

No shadows, only Light, No wrongs, only right, No death, only life, Only joy, never strife. Lack of Son light shadows cast, Always looking at the past. Sins forgiven look ahead. I Am with you, He has said. Look ahead to future goals; God directing future roles. No hate, only love, Shines from up above. His blood, shed for me, …

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Nothing is Left

Nothing is Left

Nothing is left, The debt has been paid. No interest is due, No payments need made. My blood paid your debt, My stripes healed your ills, My purpose accomplished– My own Father’s will. Divine is your favor. Complete is your life. I carry your burdens. I carry your strife. Go forward in freedom. Go out and proclaim, The glory and …

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Living Colors of Trees

Living Color

A life well-lived is sure to be A spectacle for all to see. The glory of God’s matchless grace Etched on lines of a glowing face. Gracefully nearing the final page, Offering wisdom that comes with age. Colors rich with autumn’s gold Speak of life which is growing old. A vibrant tablet in reds arrayed, Crimsons, cranberries, and scarlets displayed. …

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Daughter Praying


Whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you, saying, “This is the way; walk in it.” Isaiah 30:21 The world is cruel, Lord. I am so lost. Why am I here? Are you there? Is there a purpose and plan for me? I have been seeking, it seems, my whole …

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