Original Christian Poetry

Original Christian poetry to inspire and encourage your spiritual wellness, devotion, and health in your journey with Jesus.

Girl climbing mountain alone


 Let us, therefore, make every effort to enter that rest, so that no one will perish by following their example of disobedience. I Strive I strive. I strive. I strive. I scratch. I claw. I seek. I strive. I tire. I fail. I wail. I cry. I climb. I clamber. I strive. Again. Again. Again. I Cry I cry. It’s …

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A stressed out lady at her work desk

A Prayer for Strength

Strength Strengthen me, Lord; I am tired. Strengthen me, Lord; I need rest. Strengthen me, Lord; I’m your child. Strengthen me, Lord. I am blessed.  Teaching Teach me, O Lord, how to love you. Teach me, O Lord, how to pray. Keep me, O Lord, in Your bosom. Hold me, so I will not stray. Listen Yesterday’s gone now forever. …

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Chalice and a plate of bread

The Bread and The Cup

The disciples prepared for the Passover feastAccording to Jesus’ direction.Unaware that among them a traitor alreadyWas plotting a vile insurrection.The table o’er flowed with symbolic reminders,The cup and the unleavened bread,Of the Jews safe delivery from bondage in EgyptAnd the passing of the Angel of Death. But now these same symbols serve to remind usOf Jesus’ last supper on earthAnd …

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The Shepherds

The Shepherds

Evening comes; sheep safely in the fold. Shepherds settle, as in the days of old. Heat of day turns to pleasant cool. Dark of night displays a radiant pool Stars that shine, and twinkle bright on high— God’s handiwork, amid expanse of sky. When suddenly, a brightness lights the night. The shepherds quake and tremble, full of fright. What is …

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Colors of Christmas

The Colors of Christmas

Into a dark and sin-filled world A blessed babe was born. To rescue men with blackened hearts He came that Christmas morn. A promised King, at last arrived, His parents tired and worn. No one to welcome their new Son, With Kingly robes adorn. How could all men with cold, black hearts Display contempt and scorn? For the One who …

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God's colors


Black was the color of sinful hearts. Black was the midnight sky. Into the darkness, a Light did appear In the form of a baby’s cry. Red was the blood the Light did shed Men’s blackened hearts to buy. Into His side the spear was thrust. “Abba, Father,” was His cry. White are the robes of the redeemed And the …

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The Evergreen

I came upon an Evergreen Its branches stark and bare. Its edges sharp and prickly, Poking out everywhere. Its trunk somewhat misshapen; Its needles parched and pale Its roots all bound and withered Neither hearty, whole, nor hale. Fading, failing, lifeless Without love or care. I took it home to love it, An opportunity rare. I propped it in a …

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Bible with candlelight

Test of Fire

I placed my life before the King- The tokens of my worth. The pile reached high—so many things Accomplished since my birth. I looked around at other piles, Some pitifully small, And wondered at those offerings. Were they worth anything at all? My joy was overflowing; I could not contain my mirth, As I observed the wealth I’d gained, While …

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