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Healthy Lifestyle provides tips to grow in wellness–spiritually, physically, mentally, and emotionally–and help Christian women be the wellness gatekeepers of their homes.

An woman looks at herself in the mirror

2019 Reflections on Life

What do I want to do in 2020? I have a whole list. I want to work on these without sacrificing my time with family and others. The challenge in setting personal goals is not becoming totally self-absorbed.

300 minuites - 10 minutes a day

300 Minutes

October has been a busy and exhausting month. I was out of town for five days at a conference. The drive to Nashville was pleasant, but we had car issues on the way home, turning a 9-hour drive into a 16-hour drive. Two days later, I spent a 15-hour day at the hospital for my husband’s scheduled surgery, returned to …

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Bandaid or lifestyle

A Band-Aid or A Lifestyle

Have you tried essential oils? Did you write them off as a fad? Perhaps you found them pleasant but couldn’t really evaluate their effectiveness. Maybe it is because you took the band-aid approach. Rarely do we see positive effects from a one or two time use of anything. Eating one piece of fruit is not a new eating plan; going …

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Spring Break and the packing

Spring Break Packing

Travel! We like to get away, but the packing. . . For me, packing takes #alltheoils for focus, courage, and stamina!  I admit it; I am high maintenance, and I like to have all my creature comforts when I am going on a trip.  Computer, phone, books, Kindles, notebooks, pens, coloring books and pencils, calendar, travel journal, crocheting, and snacks…lots …

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