I am taking an online course this month. Personal development is important to me, and we are never too old to learn and grow. It’s funny how sometimes when you take a course to learn one thing, it spills over into an area of your life you didn’t expect. The course I am taking is focused on building relationships. But the message resounding with me is habit building.

One habit I have developed is morning devotions. I started this many years ago. All through my teaching years, I would get up early enough to have time to read my Bible and pray before my daily responsibilities began. Sometimes, it was 20 minutes. Sometimes, 30. Sometimes, I had great intentions, but I fell asleep. However, I kept on. And now after all these years, morning devotions is just something I DO. It is part of who I am. I don’t think about it. I don’t put it off. It is a part of my routine. I don’t debate myself about whether or not I will do it. It just is.

Why? Why is it so automatic? Because I have been doing it for years. It has become a habit. I pushed through the days where it was a challenge. In fact, I don’t even remember them anymore.

But I honestly struggle with exercise. It is a constant battle to make myself do it, even though it is good for me. Procrastination and excuses abound. Can you relate?

It suddenly dawned on me that the reason I have never really developed the habit of exercise is because it is always something I am trying to “fit” into my schedule. I treat it like an “add on.” I can always find other things to do that, in the moment, are more important. I have always approached it as something to be done a few days a week. Now, it has occurred to me that therein lies the problem. I have never approached it as an everyday activity, so I have never stuck with it long enough to make it a habit, a routine, something I just DO. Therefore, I struggle.

So, no more skipping days. No more procrastinating. From now on, it is going to be an everyday activity. And hopefully, at the end of 30 or so days, I will have developed the habit. And that is how personal development works! So far, I’m on day 10.  I’ve allowed myself Sundays off, and I’ve had a couple “oops” days, but I’m on my way. And having success day after day motivates me to continue. I am confident I am going to be successful, and that confidence is something I have never had before.  It’s surprising what we can do when we find the right mindset.

What good habits do you need to develop? What do you want to work on? Can you give it 30 days? Do you need to Set Your Mind? Let’s encourage each other to positive growth!